Positioned on high value-added niche markets, JACQUET METALS is a major player in the made-to-measure transformation and distribution of special metals, and operates via a portfolio of divisions.

Each of the Group’s brands makes the most of its experience and mastery of a product line for which it is a major player on its market:

  • JACQUET: stainless-steel Quarto plates and nickel alloys
  • STAPPERT: long stainless-steel products
  • IMS group: carbon, alloy and stainless-steel engineering steels, tool steels and engineering aluminums

With 120 distribution facilities and 3,000 staff, the JACQUET METALS Group’s companies supply all industrial sectors: food, energy, chemical and petrochemical, paper, mines and quarries, public works, steel, naval construction, agricultural equipment, general mechanics, recycling, desalination of seawater for farming, wastewater processing, etc.

60,000 clients around the world benefit from the Group’s high standard of service: responsiveness, the meeting of deadlines, availability, an offer consisting of 40,000 references in stock, transformation capacity, consulting.

With sites in 24 countries in Europe, Asia and North America, JACQUET METALS operates a proactive and standalone brand consolidation and international development policy.

By centralising its support functions (IT, insurance-credit, finance, conditions of purchase negotiations, communication), JACQUET METALS enables each brand to focus on its core business and offers its clients the highest quality of service.