This anti-bribery code of conduct is a guide to help adopt the right behaviors and prevent the risks of corruption that anyone may face.

Download the anti-bribery code of conduct [English]
Download the Verhaltenskodex – korruptionsbekämpfung [Deutsch]


The alert line is open to everyone. It allows anyone to report facts or suspicions relating to :

  • Bribery, or any situation non-compliant to the Group’s anti-bribery code of conduct;
  • Fraudulent behavior;
  • Any unethical or illegal behavior.

Your report is strictly confidential and can remain anonymous. For more information on alert processing, please refer to the user guide.

Download the Alert line user guide [English]
Download the Hinweise zu nutzung der meldestelle von Jacquet Metals [Deutsch]

The form below is used to submit an alert.

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